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Functional and Cosmetic Excellence

FACE Functional and Cosmetic Excellence

About FACE

Dr. Knight is the only orthodontic provider in Louisville to employ the proven Functional and Cosmetic Excellence Philosophy (FACE) philosophy, a principle that encourages orthodontists to work as a team with other dental professionals to go beyond straightening teeth to creating a beautiful smile that fits harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints. This approach promotes healthy tissue, efficient chewing, proper lip support, airway health and ideal facial balance.

The FACE treatment philosophy aims to achieve excellent orthodontic results by visualizing an exceptional outcome from the very beginning. Combining orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry in a unique interdisciplinary approach, FACE doctors define treatment plans for patients of all ages through a variety of comprehensive diagnostic tools, detailed study, thorough treatment mechanics, and the latest orthodontic advancements for treating the entire dental and facial system. Committed to their patient’s wellbeing and to fulfilling individualized treatment goals, FACE doctors are among the most skilled, educated and respected orthodontists in the world and have taken their education and experience to a broader level.

The FACE benefits for you include: an efficient treatment plan and often a shorter treatment time, during which you are the star of the show. Dr. Knight will meet with you to discover your motivation and specific treatment goals, and he will work with you and your dental team to achieve outstanding results. With precise, detailed study and comprehensive records, Dr. Knight will learn everything he requires for accurate diagnosis regarding your dental health and history before your treatment begins so that there are no surprises later. He will evaluate not only your smile, but also your jaw joints, periodontal health, airway, sleep habits and facial esthetics to ensure that your goals are met. Before you ever begin treatment you will spend time with Dr. Knight to discuss your individualized treatment plan and even have the opportunity to visualize the final outcome. By taking the time necessary to perfect your customized treatment plan from the very beginning, rather than rush into braces without clearly defined goals, you can expect not only a straight smile and more esthetically balanced face, but also a more stable bite and healthy jaw joints. Learn more about FACE

How important is the balance of an ideal bite and healthy jaw joints?

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