Knight Orthodontics

L. Douglas Knight D.M.D. 3210 Westport Green Pl.
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 327-6453
555 W. Lincoln Trail Blvd.
Radcliff, KY 40160
(270) 351-5151

What Sets us Apart


Our mission is to provide the highest quality orthodontics in a professional, understanding and caring atmosphere. We hope to help all of our patients achieve optimum lifetime oral health through prevention, education and treatment.

We take a conservative approach to treatment, exploring all possible alternatives, then recommending the ideal approach that both addresses concerns and achieves excellent results. By striving to offer the highest quality orthodontic services, we hope to motivate our patients to choose excellence and to enjoy the long-term benefits of that decision.


We live by the Golden Rule, treating our patients the way that we would want to be treated. We hold our team accountable for exceeding our patients’ expectations at every visit.


We are committed to being recognized leaders in orthodontics, to continuing to learn and explore innovations in our industry, and to sharing our knowledge with patients and colleagues. We employ what we believe are the most innovative tools, technologies and appliances in our practice in order to enhance our patients’ orthodontic experience.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our goal is to go beyond simply straightening teeth. We seek a marriage between orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry to achieve beautifully aligned teeth that fit harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints—promoting healthy tissue, efficient chewing, proper lip support and ideal facial balance. We achieve this goal with careful treatment planning using thorough and accurate diagnostic records, detailed study, and a comprehensive treatment plan.


Some patients have teeth that are not only misaligned but also are not the proper shape and form. Although Dr. Knight can orthodontically straighten the teeth, sometimes proper function is unachievable due to inadequate tooth form. Proper form can be re-established with restorative dentistry following orthodontic treatment, which results in more beautiful, better functioning teeth. Bioesthetic orthodontics is based on a combination of biologic form and functional occlusion goals. By arranging the teeth to work in harmony with the alignment of the jaw joints, a more stable result is attainable. Beautiful natural smiles that last a lifetime is our goal. Beauty meets form—the secret to a healthy smile!

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